Sony DAVZ560



Hey all :hiya:

Just wanna say that i received my 5.1 system today, and i thought i would be pleased with it, but amazed? jeeesh.. the thing nearly blew me off the sofa and at almost full whack watching IronMan the sound was crystal clear and with zero distortion evident as well as the best bass reproduction from such a small woofer i think i have heard.. wiked low rumble!
I think for me the most amazing thing is the price.. at 200 uk pounds, it's an absolute bargain. So if you are on a budget like i was, (as i need to buy new lcd as well) but want a decent 5.1 system with HDMI and dvd upscaling etc.. then i would deffo recommend this unit to you.
Oh, one more thing.. if you want all the speakers on stands (which i should have done really for the extra 30 quid or whatever it is) then i think you need the Z660.
But 100% happy lad here.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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