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Hi, I'm relativley new here, so if this sounds noobish please excuse.

My wife and I are looking for a new surround system, one that is both pleasing on the eye and ear. She noticed the Sony DAVSR4 in Currys (I know its *much* cheaper eslsewhere). Does anyone have any views on this model. The lack of wires to the rear speakers is a big plus for the wife!

Alternatives welcome at this stage, I'm idealy looking for an AV amp and speakers but an all in one would also be fine (£500 range).

Thanks in advance.



Well....for 500 quid the D*n*n (fill in the gaps yourself!) would seem to be the best bet - both in terms of performance and female-friendly looks. Plenty of places online do it for £400, leaving an extra 100 for nice things to play on it. It lacks the cordless speakers, but they are not truely cordless anyway - they still need to be powered and connected to each other.

I am a fan of Sony - everything else I have is Sony - but when I was looking into this a couple of months ago they had nothing to compare with the Denon in terms of style or quality.

The majority of Sony related threads on here seem to suggest playback issues - do they have a problem?


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I bought it too, you can look for my oppinion here

I have to add that iam happy with this sony system. Watching movies with dolby/dts etc. is outstanding... The sound is incredible...

Hearing dvd-audio and sacd is very good

Hearing cds is just good...

I think its perfect for the money...
You can also find very helping the wireless rear speakers...

Before i buy i read the review in a Greek Magazine "HITECH"

The results are here:


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Sorry for not rerplying back, I thought the forum would email me when responses were posted.

...(edit found the option to enbable this :oops: )

OK, thanks for your answers. I think the Sony maybe the one we will go for, as the rear speakers are wireless as far as our living room is concerned as the rear wires will run behind the sofa and there is also a power plug there. I've found laminate flooring and cables doesnt go together well.

I'll look into the Denon though in more detail before making my final decision.



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