Sony DAVSC8 & PS2



I have just ordered a Sony DAVSC8.

Does anybody know if I will be able to play my PlayStation2 through this or will I just have to use an additional SCART on my TV (KV-32FQ70)?

Many thanks in advance.
Do you mean for audio purposes or video purposes (or both)
OK yes i believe both or possible. If the PS2 has optical audio output then you connect it to the SC8 via its optical input. Thats sound sorted. If the PS2 doesn't have optical out (i don't know) then you connect it to the SC8 via phono cable to Video 1 or 2 (it doesnt matter) on the back of the SC8.

Same for video, if you connected the sound output from ps2 to video 2 on the sc8, then connect (using a composite connection which is the yellow plug) your ps2 to the sc8 via video 2 input. Making sense?

Then all you do is switch your TV on and select video 2 as the function on the SC8 and you will here your ps2 through the SC8 and see the pic on the TV.

If you require more help, post below!
I have just acquired the same system and it cooks. PS2 hooked up in a similar way with video direct to LCD panel and audio via RCA through the Sony.
One question .......
You are supposed to be able to view JPEG pics via the unit and I have just burned some pics onto a CD-R via Win XP and Roxio which I assume to be using Joliet and ISO as recommended by Sony. But the disc does not read. I have tried changing the data priority to JPEG as suggested but still no pics.....can anyone help?

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