Sony DAVSA30 Striped Banding




Was playing 'Attack of the Clones' the other day and noticed during light-sabre fights, a vertical strip of alternate black and red
banding on the left side of the screen. It was about 1/6th the size of the horizontal screen but running the whole length vertically (Got a 32" Sony FX70U). Tried different DVDs (Matrix Revs, Master/Commander etc). Same thing when picture changes from dark to bright and vice versa in that part of the screen only.
Tried different TV. Same again. Played DVDs on spare Panny DVD player. This was ok. Sky and VCR playback picture was ok.
I think there is a fault with the DAVSA30.
I bought mine from Unbeatable.co.uk. Does anybody know what might be wrong? I bought this in December so it's still under guarantee. Just thought I'd post this before contacting Unbeatable.



Got reply back from 'Unbeatable' after having sent unit back twice. They said the problem is to do with RF interference and shielding. How come I never noticed this when I bought it?! I also noticed that the mains power plug had got an inbuilt euro-adapter. I think the unit if from the continent. Is it possible that the AC differences from UK and rest of europe could cause the striped banding and interference from the power supply for example?

I'm not sure what I should do next. Certainly ask for a replacement. I've tested all parts of the system. Changed dvd player, dvds, tvs, cables. Only this unit is causing the banding.

Can anyone offer advice?


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Interference and shielding on what? If that's the response, it's not particularly specific or helpful, is it?

Evidently, there is a problem (nasty, too!).

If you've eliminated the possibilities, there's obviously nothing for it but refund or repair/replacement.

Please don't take offense, but it's best not to post near-identical threads through the forums. Besides making things a little unwieldy to follow and repetitive :boring:, it seems to anger some...

Not me, though! :laugh: Just thought I should mention it, as it might save you a bit of hassle. :smashin:

Good luck with the DAVS! :)


Hi Andy572,

Thanx for your reply. Sorry, I won't post near-identical threads again if it upsets people!

Yeah, funny how they didn't say what kind of interference/shielding problem there is. I'm gonna ask for a replacement. I'm sure they can be refunded by Sony as it's still under manufacturer's guarantee...

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