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Sony DAVS800 - Loss of sound


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I have the above system and whilst it's old-school and cheap, I'm happy enough with it.

However, there is an intermittent loss of part of the sound from the front left channel, particularly when selecting 5:1. In an earlier thread, someone else had this problem and was advised "this unit suffers with dry joints on the speaker terminals where it mounts to the pcb"

Having just spent £3,500 on PX60, Oppo, Sky HD, Xbox 360 and Fujitsu laptop, I think that another £1,000 on receiver/speakers is going to get me hung.

Has anybody had this problem and had it fixed? Because of the proprietary nature of the Sony cables, I guess it's difficult to swap out either receiver/speakers.


Mate this is happening with my davs500....
I think its because the system gets so hot.
I had it repaired once and was told it was a drysolder spot...
Funny enough same happened again 2 months after the repair...
Not to chuffed with the davs500 so Thinking of changing it, just won a davs550 bid on ebay so I'll see if this one is just as bad....Not what id expect from Sony:nono:


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Was it repaired by a Sony Centre or a local agent? How much was the repair?



Took it to a local agent was charged 63 squid:eek: for it.
And as said it only lasted a few months and the same happened....Now what I do is I go to the speaker setup bit switch on speaker sound so that it tests every speaker and when the front left speaker is meant to come on i wiggle the connector until it comes back on...(totally pants :thumbsdow )
I dont know how much a sony centre would set me back but Im sure it would not be cheaper....


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on my DAV-S800, DVDs wont play with sound. I could get it to work before by changing the sound field repeatedly, and waiting for it to work itself out. but now it just doesnt work, and if i move to a different chapter (as opposed to let the movie play normally) it loses sound too.

I think the last posts were correct, its due to heat. If I (physically) turn it off for a period, it starts working (until I go to next chapter!:mad: )


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