Sony DAVS550, DAVC770 & DAVC990




I am thinking about buying a DAVS550 but am concerned that it is about to be replaced with the DAVC770. Does anyone know if the C770 is the direct replacement or is it an additional product?

I don't know if the C770 is widely available in theUK yet but from the few places I have seen the only difference seems to be a 5 disk changer and 10W more power from the speakers.

Anyone know if this is the only difference? The C770 costs about £130 more than the S550 - do you reccon it is worth it? I'm not really bothered for a 5 disk changer.

Any help you can give me will be great.




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The 550,770,880 & 990 are all from the same new range,so you should'nt have anything to worry about,
I have th DAV-S880 myself & I am very pleased with it.
What price I you looking to pay.I got mine for 649.99 from PRC Direct (Multi-region).
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