Sony DAVDZ830W



Anyone own this system. I Would like like to hear any comments please
Thanks Paul


Damn. I was hoping to find some opinion of it vs the cheaper Sony SONY HTSF1100.


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And that one review written by lord knows who is repeated half a dozen times on unrelated websites! They've just nicked it.
I've bought a Denon 2.1 system that had lots of reviews. Made more sense to me anyway.


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i am tempted with this system as well.... or the cheaper panasonic 850..... not sure at the moment.....

sianba can you give a mini review on this system? Can you compare it to anything else? thanks.....


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Where do i start, for the spec of this system go to sony europe and download spec, it does more then most of the specs advertised you see on websites.
Right i can only compare it to my mates system which is a LG H552TH my sister in law has a system but not sure what it is but either way this beats it hands down.
The fitting of system is lets say easy to medium depending on your IQ lol, but all cables are colour coded so are speakers and connection poits so you cant go wrong.
The set up on screen is easy, you can adjust each speaker the distance and how much DB you require from speakers with ease on screen as well as all other stuff.
The sound is one word Fantastic the LG H552TH is not a patch on this nor my sister in laws, but with 1200w what do you expect, once you got your speakers with right settings and subwoofer with base leval right the sound is cystal clear with the clarity of depth if you understand this.
Also you have upto 8 settings of surround sound from 2 types of prologic to 3 types of cinema sound plus others.
I cant praise the system enough even though there are 3 minor things for me,
1. It takes a while to register DVD when turned on well i say about 15sec this might be me being picky.
2. The wirless rear speakers the adaptor which connects them and plugs in the wall is a bit big for me, once again could be me being picky.
3. The base of the stands being big, if you stand it in the corner the speaker is about 10inch away from wall, but do what i done and attach them to the wall looks better in my eyes anyway.
Comet are selling it for 499 i got it for 359 from Digital Direct next day delivery.
Overall- Well worth money great system fantastic sound.
Hope this helps if you require any more info let us know.


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thanks, heard this system again today and i still think it has better sound than the panasonic 850 and another lg system i heard. and yes the clarity in the sound is crisper. just wondering if i should wait after christmas and see if there is a price drop. also noticed the sony took much longer to read the scratched cd they were using at comet than the other home cinema units there.

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