Sony DAV550 or DAV500



Can anyone tell me if there are any major differences between these two modules. Or has anyone got any advice on either of them.

Or is there any better all-in-ones or separates for the same amount of money.

Sorry for being a numptey :blush:


Check the old threads on the DAVs as it tends to stir up bad feelings with the DAV owners when people criticise their equipment.


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Dav550 is like gold dust at the moment, not a lot of em around.
Try a pioneer ns dv-77 (silver) or ns dv-88 (wood finish) instead, the same sort of money but slightly more popular.

See for more details


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I would 100% go for the DAV-S550 because it has Pro Logic II, MP3 CD playback and various other improvements, plus it looks better. I currently have a Mutli Regional DAV-S500 (which I am selling for £300 ONO. if anyone is interested) and I am very happy with it. So with the improvements it should be a winner. If you budget will stretch then you should go for the new DAV-S880 which look even better with its floor standing speaker. (I have high-res pics of both if anyone is interested).

Hope this helps.


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I am one of the lucky few who has had the DAVS550, no one else on these forum's seems to have had one yet. Mine was supposedly faulty as it always displayed subtitles in English and when you switch them odd they come back on possibly on the layer change in a foreign language, also miscellaneous messages kept coming up when watching films.

However, the sound quality was superb and the DVD video quality was very good through S-Video. I have only played around with the DAVS500 in Comet so cannot really compare them, sorry, however the speaker output has been increased over the S500.

If you think that the subtitle problem will bother you, check that it has been fixed before purchasing, this problem is also happening on the DAVC770 and DAVC990 in the US which would indicate they have a firmware problem. I have contacted Sony about this by Telephone and E-mail but as of yet they have not been very helpful, they seem to have completely ignored my 2 e-mails and on the phone told me 'Sony would not manufacture a fualty unit and the unit must be fualty'. As soon as I get a replacement I will post on these boards if problem still exists.

Happy hunting.

P.S. Pro Logig II worked very well with Rogue Leader on the Nintendo Gamecube.

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