Sony DAV-SR4W or Sony HT-P1200

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by domdom8754, Feb 26, 2005.

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    Hello all,
    and before I start, what a great forum. This has helped me loads as a newcomer to home cinema, widesreen telly and the rest. Have been using an old 21" beko from Tesco for four years now, waiting to take the plunge into a decent home system, finally got my own place recently so now...

    I am reckoning on going for the Sony KD-28DX200 as the telly and am currently debating whether to go for the DAV-SR4W or HT-P1200 as the all in one home cinema.
    Having spent the last month or so looking at DVD recorders I want to save my money for now and wait until Sony bring our a decently priced effort with a hard disk.
    So I've read a few problems with some of the DAV systems (SC8) and one review of the SR4W by a chap who reckoned the system was pretty good apart from a few minor gripes about humans blocking the wireless signal to the speakers. I've yet to find a good review of the P1200 and am thinking that by the time I have bought speaker stands I might as well go for the DAV system.
    Has anyone seen the P1200 or DAVSR4W reviewed or own such a system and if so, what did they think, or should I be considering another system in the price range (bearing in mind I wanted to stay Sony, unless I'm being really blind!).
    many thanks,

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