Sony DAV-SC6 Hangs



Can anyone help?

I have a sony dav-sc6 just out of warranty (like 2 days) and now it hangs and locks up when trying to watch a dvd. If I load a dvd and dont select an option from the menu immidiatly, it hangs and I have to switch off and back on and try again. Most times, in the middle of a movie it just hangs and I have to do the same again.

When I switch it off, it takes about 1 minute to switch off and just flashes "stand-by" on the display for the entire time.

Any help would be appriciated........


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Unfortunately this is a know fault with the SC5,6 & 8. It can be fixed, if you search the boards you should find some more details on this. I seem to remember someone having a chip replaced in the machine to resolve the problem.

Good luck!

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