Sony DAV SC5


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Hi people..

I'm after a bit of advice. I recently bought a Sony Home cinema system (the Dav SC5) and was wondering if it can be easily chipped to play multi region?

I have already been told I can take it into a Sony Shop who can send it off to be done (at a cost of around £50). But was wondering if there is any other options..

Your help is appreciated..


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I understand there might be a way using a laptop with a infra red port (which I have).. Can anyone add anymore to this?


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Thanks for the info. The speakers have the universal connections, so I guess this makes them wall mountable (I have the stands).

For what it is worth, I am very happy with the system. Has an excellent sound, only wish I had a plasma to watch it all on.

If you do buy one, it's worth buying the film Swordfish, just to test the sound out. Start the film and scroll through the first 2 minutes. There is a big explosion near the start. Make sure your crank it up, the sound is awsome!!

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