Sony Dav-Sb100 DVD Firmware Question.


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I asked this in the DVD player part of the board and someone said to also ask it here.

But I was wondering as someone mentioned this to me, if there is by any chance a firmware upgrade or any other sort of upgrade that will let me fast forward on things on an original DVD disk that currently dont let me fast forward.

The only reason why i ask is i am getting so annoyed by the ever increasing trend of not letting the player either skip or fast forward parts of the disk.

I bought Ms And Ms Smith (from abroad). and the irritating thing had over 20 minutes worth of trailers on that you could not fast forward or skip. Why do they do that. At least with VHS you could fast forward them.

So i was wondering is there a firmware upgrade to allow me to skip these parts of the disk. I am not looking to remove any copy protections or macrovision or anything i just want to remove the thing in my drive that does not let me skip or fast forward parts of a disk (pressing menu doesnt help either).

You can very easily do it with computer DVD-Rom drives, so i assume it could equally be possible with standalones too.

But like i say currently no buttons work except power off and volume when these annoying things are playing.


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