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    Hey folks,

    I have a bit of a dilema,

    I have a new tv arriving mid week and as part of the package i got thrown in a sony dav sb 100. i have a dedicated home cinema room with projector and separates but the tv is for the living room. i currently have a sony ns900 dvd player in the living room which produces a fantastic image and its multi region. i dont have surround sound in the living room and the prospect of having it kinda appeals... getting too lazy to go into the hc room to watch dvds! and the new tv is a nice 32" widescreen :) Now my questions are:

    1) Can i use my ns900 as my dvd player still and just use the dav system as an amplifier? I have a hunch the dvd player in the dav wont be as good as the ns900 although i see the dav does have an rgb scart socket. Anyone have any experience of the pic quality of the dav?

    2) would i be better sell of the ns900 - make the dav region free and just use it for dvd and sound??

    3) i assume there are no problems using the dav as an amplifier - if i just send the video from the ns900 straight to the tv via scart and feed a tosh link into the dav from the ns900 will everything be ok?
    4) Other question about the dav is that we're planning to get sky plus for christmas. Will i be able to fire the sound of the sky plus box into the dav?


    p.s. didnt know which forum to post in but my main questions are about dvd so i thought here :)

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