Sony DAV-S888. Can hear PS2 but can't see it !!!



I have connected my PS2 to the Video2 & optical inputs.

Sound is great but no picture.

AV to LCD by component which works a dream for DVD playback.

Local electrical shop says that maybe the AV system can only send pictures from a DVD - not from another input - & that you can only get sound.

I can't believe that, otherwise why would there be a space for the yellow jack.

Maybe I'm wrong - but if anyone can confirm I will be eternally greatful.

*** I know that I can connect the PS2 direct to the TV but it's on the wall 15ft from all the 'boxes' & the scart, component & HDMI cables are all buried in the wall. ***


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Have you selected the Video2 input on the amp ? I'm presuming that you have an amp which upscales to component, with video sources going into the amp and then one component cable from amp to panel. You need to switch the source on the amp so that it can recognize that the video2 input should be displayed.


Hi, yes I do select the Video2 on the amp - & I am then able to hear quality sound.

As for the upscaling - I am not sure. The fact that it offers component output I was hoping that it was automaic.

The only other thing could be that the LCD is not accepting the image from the Vid2 source.

I'm at a loss but I really appreaciet you taking the time to answer.


Bristol Pete

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sounds like you are sending a signal in to an out composite yellow jack?

Having looked at the spec of this machine online, I dont think it does video switching. As such, you can use it for sound from your PS2, but the video/picture connection will need to be direct.


Paul D

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The composite "in" only works if you have connected your display to the composite "out" i'm afraid.(same with SVideo etc)

Since you have only connected via Component, you will only be able to see DVDs.

Connecting Video/SVideo via the S888 is pointless, as it doesn't "up convert" any of the "other" video signals to Component.
You will have to connect Video/SVideo direct to your display, or add composite/SVideo cables as well.

It does seem pointless them adding any video inputs at all.
But it can help if you have an auto switching display.(like some projectors)
That way when you switch to a new source on the S888, it also switches video output.(which the display then senses, and auto switches etc!)

If you have run a scart lead, maybe try searching for a scart switch box and connect composite/Svideo/RGB via that etc.


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