Sony DAV-S800 Upgrade Route (with NTL)

Discussion in 'Cable TV & Virgin Media TV' started by tobinharris, Sep 11, 2005.

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    Hi folks,

    I have a simple setup at the moment:

    - Sony DAV-S800 + Surround Speakers
    - Old Pace NTL Box
    - Philips TV

    I love the S800, but want to expand my set up a bit. I'm looking for any opinons from the wise readers of this forum! Ideally, I'd like to end up with:

    - New *multiregion* HDD DVD recorder/player
    - Ability to record from my NTL box
    - Ability to retain DAV-S800 surround sound, at least using the same speakers.

    Any initial thoughts on how I might achieve this setup?

    My initial hope was to swap out the DAV-S800 DVD box for a SONY RDRHX510 , but apparently this model won't support the S800 speakers. The sony center tell me I sould be able to use the DAV-S800 alongside the new DVD player, using the S800s Digital Coaxial input socket.

    Would it be wise to use these 2 devices along side each other? Will the RDRHX510 record from NTL?

    Any thoughts appreciated. Even if you say something "sell the DAV-S800 and buy XYZ", comments are appreciated!


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