sony dav-s550 playing sacd's


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Hello all,

The sony system can play sacd's but tucked away in the manual it says that all audio will be encoded in 48hz. Surely this means that any enhanced quality from playing an sacd will not be realised as the full potential is not being used. Does anyone have any experience of this?

James :)


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The Sony DAVS550 sounds quite nice and from what I've read is optimised for playing back SACDs but you shouldn't really expect something which is available for as little as £200 (Robert Whyte) to be capable of playing it to its full potential anyway. Same limitation on Panasonic systems too I think. I mean those little satellite speakers do have their limitations.


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Cheers bonzo,

Yes, I realise that a system costing 270 pounds is going to be limited. I suppose you can throw allsorts of statistics at it but if it sounds fine to you then it doesn't matter what hz they are played in :)

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