Sony DAV-S400/HCD-S400 Repair


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I know these are really old units these days but figured it wouldn't hurt to post my experience repairing this unit.

I got one of these for a tenner a few years back. Worked ok for a while but has recently started inhibiting weird issues like both left speakers cutting out.

Anyway, put into storage, pulled out and neither speaker was working and the others were struggling too. Stripped the unit and removed the sound card (with the big brown capacitor). Totally horrified to see many many dry solder joints and cracks. The big brown capacitor was held in by near enough nothing. It was completely free and touching it resulted in it leaning to one side. The white chokes were suffering with dry solder as was all the connections for the rear speakers. A number of other connections were not suffering from dry solder per say but seemingly had an alarming lack of solder, as if Sony had only used the minimum amount required to make a tiny connection.


Definitely worth fixing these units as the sound quality is very pleasant imo.

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