Sony DAV S300 to Panasonic PW6

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by Slynx, Jan 14, 2005.

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    Adelaide. Australia.
    Lets see if this department can assist after no feedback from Plasma section.
    Just purchased a PW6 from AV Sales - drove from Bristol to compare Pioneer 435 XDE against PW6. Have been set on the Pioneer for a good while now, but upon comparing the two, couldn't justify the extra cost. Brilliant service from Hayes.
    Have one little problem though. I have Sky (2 scart sockets - one for TV and one for video) Sony DAV S300 (S video out and composite out) Hayes assured me if I 'daisy chained' them together, this would work. Well, I'm b*****d if I can get the lot to work.
    Scart lead from PW6 to either Sky or DAV S300 will work, but not when connected together. Do I need a 'scart switch box?'
    I have tried using Scart to S video lead from DAV S300 to Sky (video socket) - no joy.
    Perhaps someone here can advise. :lease:

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