Sony DAV-IS10 connect to laptop?


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Hi All and thanks in advance for any help.

I bought a Sony DAV-IS10 second hand today.Quite a nice unit.

My tv has two HDMI ports.

I've been trying to watch a movie on my pc and watch it on my tv and listen to it through the Sony unit.

I mean is this possible?

I know theres a way to hook up the tv to the system and listen to the audio which is great but i'd like to put my laptop through this unit too, both visually and audio.

Obviously when I put my laptop through HDMI it cancels out the sony system.

Theres loads of ports etc including a 'digital media port'.

Heres a link to the manual..

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,



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It will depend on what audio output your laptop has. Presumably you have tried using the TV to pass audio from the laptop out via the optical out and it didn't work?

Your home-cinema system has optical in, digi-coax in and analogue audio in.

You could use a 3.5mm to phono cable. If your laptop has spdif out via mini-toslink then that would give you the best audio.

Check the audio capabilities of the laptop and post back.


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Thanks for the reply Dave,

Presumably you have tried using the TV to pass audio from the laptop out via the optical out and it didn't work?.
I havent tried this but i've ordered the cables.These are the audio and video coloured cables(white and red and then a separate yellow)which I guess would run from my tv to the sony unit.Does this sound correct?If I get sound would I be able to unplug the hdmi on the sony unit and leave the laptop hdmi in thus having picture from my laptop on the tv and sound through the sony unit?
Does this sound possible?

All my laptop has is a headphone socket(black) and what looks like a microphone socket(red).Both look like 3.5mm.

Much appreciated,



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The yellow cable on the home-cinema unit should be composite video out. Ignore that. The red/white inputs should be analogue audio in. Are there markings or text beside them?

If the laptop only has headphone out, your only option is 3.5mm to phono (assuming the home-cinema red/white connections are analogue audio in - see above).

You might be able to route the audio from the TV if you just connected HDMI direct to the TV but some tv's only pass audio from their built-in tuner, not external sources. Try it first.

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