Sony DAV-DZ570 DVD sound fault


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Hi there,

I joined so I could use the search function and see if my fault was listed but only had one return for the DVD player that Iv got

I have a DAV-DZ570 surround sound and when you play a film the trailers sound fine as in the back round music and actors voices.
Then once you get to the film the back round music seems slightly louder but the actors voices are really quiet... any ideas?

It never used to do this and my gf said she had this happen before and just pressed all the buttons on the remote and it sorted it. Only thing is now its done it again and the sound is playing up again


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Check the centre speaker is still connected and try turning up the centre volume a little.


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Trailers are often just 2.0 - stereo, so everything sounds balanced.

As Mentm says, your centre channel speaker is required for full surround 5.1, and it sounds like this needs re-connecting or turning up. You could also switch the surround mode to phantom centre, as this will send the voices to the main left and right speakers as well.

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