Sony DAV-DZ500F but with HiDef out???



I am about to purchase the Sagem 45" G4 DLP rear pro TV plus the Samsung DVD-HD850/XEU for it's upscaling capabilities.
I am de-cluttering the room, so the big old Linn speakers have got to go, as have the large Denon amp and the Mission rears.
I want an all in one solution that is neat but sounds good. I have seen that the Sony DAV-DZ500F won the sub £500 category in this years What H-Fi Awards. It seems to fit my bill but i have one question;
Would i be able to plug the Samsung into the HiDef socket on the TV, but send the audio into the DVD/sound processor on the Sony via optical?
I believe all the relevant sockets are there to do this but i wasn't sure if i would get any synching problems. I don't want to use the inbuilt DVD player on the Sony as it doesn't upscale images to the HiDef TV.

Any help on this or suggestions for possible alternatives would be gratefully recieved.


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Mmmm.. you can connect the Samsung HD850 to the TV via HDMI, and from the Samsung DVD Player, there should be a coaxial or optical out, connect that to the Sony, and walla! I would my self go for the DAVDZ700FW, its wireless and has coaxial AND optical unlike 500 which has one. Also the speakers are wireless. RGB Direct do it for £418.00!


Cheers for that.
I was also looking at the 700 set but i had heard a few bad words about the wireless rears. Apparently they are infra red connected and it's a bit sensitive. If the direct line is broken in any way the rears stop working.
Anyone got any feedback on this?


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I have the 700FW set since February 2006 and have had no problems whatsoever with the rear wireless link. Vertically, the transmitter and receiver are at almost the same height, as recommended in the owner's manual, and I have to fully put my hand or an object in front of the receiver for the green light on the rear amp to turn red (no signal). This is a great all-in-one system.
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