Sony DAV-DZ410 - Yamaha YPS2200, what to choose.


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Hi everyone.
This being my first post, apologies if I get anything wrong.

I have a Sony DZ410 which I am happy with. I also have a few spare £ burning a hole in my pocket. Looking at getting the Yamaha YPS2200, it has good reviews.
It would cost about £600.00 plus the cost of a good Blue Ray 3d player. Would I be wasting my money? . I have looked at Bose, many people say they are greatly overpriced for what they are so they are out of my listing. I cannot get to hear the Yamaha 2200 as there are no audio shops locally that stock them. My question, do I stick with what I have [the sony] or get the Yamaha 2200.
Any and all advice greatly appreciated.:lease:


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Any reason why you're looking at stereo systems instead of another 5.1 system?

Maybe if you explained why you're looking to change the system, we could give a bit more advice.


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I have had the Sony for a few years now, it does it's job well. It has it's drawbacks though, I have the TV across the corner of the room rather than along one wall. It means it is impossible to set the speakers especially the rear where they should be. It is also coming to the end of it's sell by date, I have a 50" 3d plasma, the Sony does not play 3d disks. I cannot change where the TV is, my wife is severely disabled and has to stay in her special chair all day, we have hoists and other equipment that cannot be moved. So! I saw one of these sound bar thingy's and thought that would sort the problem of the rear speakers, It would also be a lot neater. Further research told me that sound bars [some] need a sub woofer. The Yamaha 2200 comes with this.
My wife likes listening to good music both classical and pop, she also likes it reasonably loud. The Sony has a good output and sounds ok. I would want something as good or better.
Very simply another 5.1 or 7.1 would still present the problem of where to put the rear speakers, at present they are positioned in front as far apart as possible. Reading the Yamaha's spec and the way it works the rear speaker problem would not exist.

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