Sony DAV DZ260 5.1 DVD Home Cinema replaced, can I still use just to play DVD and CD?


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Sony DAV DZ260 5.1 DVD Home Cinema replaced, can I still use it just to play DVD and CD?

Hi, I have just bought a Samsung Q600a sound bar to go with my 5 year old Samsung UE48JU6400 TV and realised I now have no DVD or CD player Doh!:facepalm:
Can I still use the old Sony theatre box to play DVD's and CD's without the original 5.1 speakers, and if so can I still get sound through the sound bar and a picture on the TV?
Both TV and Sound bar have HDMI ARC ports which are currently connected together
The TV has spare HDMI's and one Optical Out.
The Sound bar one spare sound HDMI in port and digital audio in (optical) (As well as the HDMI ARC connected to the TV)
The Sony Theatre 5.1 has and HDMI out and a digital audio TV in (optical).

Dazed and confused. Can anyone help explain if I can use the old system as a player and how to connect it?

Not a great start to the New Year :thumbsdow

Any advice will be much appreciated, thank you. Clive,


As long as you have the HDMI connection to the TV then picture will be fine and the audio will pass through to the soundbar. You'll do no damage by connecting it to the TV and giving it a try. I've not looked at the manual to see if the internal audio can be played via HDMI alongside the video.


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Thank you very much for your quick reply gibbsy, I'll give it a try tomorrow and let you know how it goes.Glad to know it won't blow up by trying. Thank you, I have spent ages on the web trying to find out.


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Just an update, thanks to gibbsy I tried just connecting the HDMI out from the DVD/CD player to the HDMI in on the TV and it all works fine. DVD great sound through the bar, and CD.s play fine as well, I just have to turn the picture off on the TV menu when playing CD's to stop screen burn, which only takes a second or two, so brilliant. Thank you very much and Happy New Year.


Sorry to change topic but I have same soundbar dz260.and Samsung q85r . I use as soundbar in tv mode. I can not get sound when only connect hdmi. I use hdmı +optical.When take out optical sound gone. But my tv seems as hdmi sound and hdm cec active. My tv work with soundbar volume control and power control work . Aditonal I can get sound from hdmi when dvd mode active . Can you help me to how can I get sound with hdmi connection?

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