Sony DAV-DZ 500F OR DAV-DZ700FW OR Neither?


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Trying to decide between the wired and wireless version of these systems.

But whats peoples opinion?

Do they have enough outputs?
Is the pic quality good?

I though the sound quality was very good.

It plays loads of formats.

Does it have High Definition?
Does it have progressive scan?

I want to connect another DVD player to it, and NTL, as well as a VCR.

Is this a good system, or should i get something else?


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Does the DVD player play HD format, with an HD output.

If it does not is there capability to connect up a HD DVD player?


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Honestly? Neither. I've been offered the 500 as a replacement for my SC8 and the lack of connectivity for other components is shocking for the money. I would have expected at least one digital audio input. The 700 goes someway to rectify this but I really don't like the wireless surround speakers and like the 500 the sub is passive.


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So what is a good alternative?

I've heard the denon 500 and to be honest was not impressed with the sound.

What do panasonic, or phillips offer. Surely there must be a decent set that most people on here agree is good.

I read a thread about the Sony 700, ther didn't seem to be much problem with the wireless speakers. So not an issue for me.

However connectivity and HD is a huge issue.

Also the sub being passive, whilst not ideal is not the largest concern as is does certainly give enough bass.

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