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I am getting a bit confsed about the Sony DAV systems. A lot of UK shops only stock the DAVS550 and DAVS880 as the latest models. However some on line suppliers (e.g. Dabs) stock the above and the DAVC770 and DAVC990.

Can anyone tell me if all 4 models are UK models? As far as I can see the C770 is like the S550 but with more power, progressive scan and a 5 disk changer. This would best suit my needs but I want to be sure the C770 is a UK model.

Can anyone help? :confused:


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from what I can tell the 770 is the newer, better version. Even the sony europe website doesn't have the 770 yet, but my local sony centre is selling this model (allbeit at £700!) so would assume it's fine for the UK.


Well, I've gone and done it.... I've ordered myself a DAVC770 after a long wait for bug fixes and UK stocks. (It's now appearing in shops such as Currys for £699)

For anyone who's still considering this unit, I bought mine here and they are worth checking out IMO.

They were very helpful and very, very competitive (I got the DAV + 4 Speaker Wall Brackets + S-Video to Scart + 2 day Delivery for £608.97 with Multi-Region being offered for an extra £24 - I didn't take this cos of my old PAL only TV)

Sorry if this comes over as an ad, it's not intended to be, just an excited noob to home theatre looking to help others who might still be considering the 770.

Have a great 2003!


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