SONY DAB - Now only gets hald the channels


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Apr 27, 2006
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I have 2 digital radios - one (PURE) in the kitchen and I got a really good SONY one for the bedroom. It includeds a docking station for Ipod and radio as well as digital radio.

The aerial that came with it and plugs into the back is just a thin wire, which worked really well.

However, it has simply stopped picking up most channels that it used to get and although I can see them when I scroll channels, I either get nothing, or a bad signal. I have fiddled with the aerial, but it just doesn't do anything.

I can still get some channels, like talksport and classic really well, but not many.

The kitchen radio didn't pick everything up before, so difficult to compare and I am pretty sure its some sort of aerial issue.

Can anyone recommend a decent indoor aerial that is small, and doesn't look ugly - so I can try that?

Or any other ideas what could have happened?

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There have recently been some reduction in the number of stations available on the national multiplex. Which stations have you lost?

I have lost a lot. Including Gaydar and Chill...
Many thanks mswarren...... I am astonished quite frankly, renders my digital radios almost useless to me now as there are almost no channels I am interested in left.

What a shame.

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