sony D800 (U) selling well on the big E


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The Freeview box is old but respected and selling daily for respectable money....evidence of the consumer's faith in a good product.
As software update is no longer online, as I understand it, I've stopped to wonder the nature of the software and its location.
I have got the impression that the last revision was 15 and most people have no problem. If a user were on a lower revision and could not update online and wanted to, is there some way he could get it from an existing set up, say a friend's ?
Does not feel like a dumb question ...hope it's not:rolleyes:
I have two, one of which is still in daily use.:smashin:

The now unused one is unfortunately still on revision 12 but the other is 15.

Sadly, I do not think there is any way to update other than over the air as used to happen from time to time.

Having said that both functioned perfectly well when used, regardless of firmware revision number.


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Thanks William for taking time to reply. Now is the time to sell. There can be almost 200 watching those on sale & none unsold in last fortnight!

I can't believe there is no better answer than can't be done:eek:

Now I could believe there is no one watching who knows how:lesson:

Been to too many computer fora over last 15 years & known enough clever people to despair of finding the answer:clap:

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