Sony Cyber-shot DCS-P71


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I was going to buy this camera until I read a review which said it has an excessively long delay on pressing the shutter button.

Does anyone have any experience of this camera and is the delay really a problem?


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Right - here's the thing.

To take a photo with this camera, you first press the shutter button in gently and hold. During this time the camera will determine focus and lighting factors, signalled by a flashing green light - takes no more than two seconds at most. When the light is constant, the camera is ready, and you press the shutter button in all the way and take the photo. There is no shutter delay between pressing the button in to take the photo and the camera actually taking it.

People who don't read the instructions just hold the button in all the way, and the camera goes through the above anyway, and then takes the photo immediately. Such ignorants miss the point completely and shout "shutter delay!".

The camera is not the one if all you're after is imagesof objects in very fast motion (I mean, very fast, where you blink and totally miss the moment). I use another camera for such things. Other than that, the DSC-P71 is a fantastic camera and has not disappointed me yet. It's fantastic for (almost) everything, especially landscapes and still life, I've found.


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Thanks for your reply pointon.

You've confirmed what I've just read in a comprehensive review at

Auto focus lag: 0.7-1.1 sec.
Shutter release lag: 0.1 sec.

I've just ordered one :D


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Cool. You won't regret it.

As for me, I'm after a third digital camera. One that is as portable and ready as a disposable, but actually takes decent shots. It'll be great to get those Out-on-the-**** shots. This is what I've seen; the Sony DSC-U10 and I want one (or it's higher-ressibling, the DSC-U20). Look at the size of this thing:

This thing can probably pull too!

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