Sony CRT Replacement - How difficult?


Barney Rubble

Any engineers/technicians (repairmen - ha ha ha!) here that could comment on how difficult it is to replace a CRT in a Sony KV-32LS35?

The company that's doing mine (an authorised Sony repair centre by all accounts) has currently had my telly in for SIX weeks, and there's still no light at the end of the tunnel. They've told me (during the numerous calls I've made to them):-

* We need another tool in from Sony to access the unit
* We need another tool in from Sony to do the calibration.
* Now the CRT is in, we need to 'age' it by leaving it turned on for a period of time.
* It's a really difficult job and it actually looks 100 times worse than when we brought it in.

I'm getting concerned it's going to be completely screwy by the time I get it back!!!

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