Sony CRT 32" KV32CS70: Flickering on black screen with Sony DVD Recorder

Paul MC007

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Hi all

I have a slight problem, but wondered if anyone knows what causes this:

It really only affects my Sony DVD 770 HDD recorder, but has also been known to do it on my freeview box as well (also did it on a previous Sony dvd recorder, so I know it's the tv rather than the recorder):

I have the recorder connected to Scart AV2 (RGB enabled), a Sony freeview box connected to AV1 (RGB) and an old Sony 5.1 All in One Surround Sound dvd player in Scart AV3 (non RGB).

I have tried swapping round Scart leads (and changing the scarts physically around at the back of the set - plugging into different scart sockets but to no avail)... Here is what is happening:

When I turn on my Sony DVD recorder, and say watch freview via it's internal tuner or play a DVD from disc/HDD, on very dark or completely black screens I get a kind of flickering - like some sort of interference - also, like a solid black vertical band which sometimes moves about - but is mostly static.

If, to test it out for example, I put the DVD recorder on it's freeview tuner and tune it into something that has a black background, say like one of the freeview radio channels - it is quite noticeable. However, if I switch off say the 5.1 surround sound the picture then very quickly flicks (as is normal) and the blackness is then clear - no flickering at all - perfect. Then, the moment you change the channel on the DVD recorder the flickering and vertical bar comes back again (like a kind of ghost image - it's not that prominent - but still, to me, noticeable). As I say, I have tried a different scart lead from tv to DVD recorder - still the same. I have tried changing the actual scart socket to the other RGB enabled one at the back - same problem. It goes away on the non RGB enabled socket though, strangely.

As I say, sometimes it does this on my Sony Freeview box as well (although not so often)...

Do you think more expensive Scart leads could cure the problem at all? Only, I don't want to spend out loads on leads if they really aren't going to make much or any difference. The leads I currently have are not exactly top quality, but I don't know if it is down to these leads or the tv?

I would suspect the actual DVD recorder, but the fact that this problem goes away on non RGB scart socket, plus the fact a previous Sony model also gave me the same issue (as well as sometimes the freeview box on a different scart socket) definately makes me think its the tv.

Anyone any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for any help

Paul MC007

Well-known Member
Read the "Video Breakthrough" section a little down the page here

Thanks for this, but I had already seen that info and indeed tried disconnecting pin 19 - sadly makes no difference at all.

Tried a new scart lead and no difference either.

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