Sony Cineza HS10 - Any good with Personal computers? Advice please



I need advice about the screen resolution of the new HS10 : Would I would be able to use it. ? You see, I would be using it with my Personal computer, and although I would occasionally play DVD films through it, the main reason for using a projector is to play flight simulator “games”.
The resolutions of PCs are 800x 600;1024 x 768;1152x 964; 1280x 1024 etc., as you may be aware, and most games are written to run in one or more of those resolutions. There is not a 1366 x 768, which is the spec of this new Sony.
My screen will be a 6ft wide by 5ft deep, ( max) window blind screen.
I would like to play the sim in 1024 x 768 ( XGA) .
Does this spec of the Sony HS10 mean that it will not be a suitable projector for me, or, if I can use it, in what manner, mode etc must I do so?
I know it is early days as the thing isn’t released yet, but I am hoping for some guidance.
I haven’t used a projector before.


Nobody really knows until the projector is launched in the next few months. We dont even know if Sony has fixed the problem with PC refresh rates which has plagued the Sony 10HT and 11HT. Although hopefully they have judging from the website which clearly states that its been 'optimised' for HTPC use.

I know that the quake3 engine based games can be customised to different resolutions, I did have a website which listed all the widescreen games which supported unusual resolutions but I cannot find it at the moment. I think its best to sit tight and wait for somebody like Li On who has a good reputation for reviewing projectors or demo one yourself when it arrives in the UK for a weekend.

Also if you plan to play games on a projector I would suggest going for a projector which has a long bulb life, something like the Philips or Panasonic range. I believe the HS10 will have 2000-3000 bulb life compared to Panasonics/Philips 4000-6000 hour bulb life.


You can use PowerStrip to create custom resolutions on your PC. Whether this will work will depend on your graphics card.

Radeon cards are supposed to be the best for creating resolutions but my GeForce2 works too.

I use my PC in 856x480 (created by PowerStrip) with my Panny AE100 to match its 856x480 panel.


After using PowerStrip, 856x480 appears on the resolution list in MS Flight Sim 2002.

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