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    I bought a Sony TRV 950 in August. In September, I was out when sudden heavy rain began. I covered the camcorder with my blouson and again with a plastic bag, under that. On returning to my tour coach, I uncovered the camcorder and was satisfied that it was dry. Opening it showed it to be dry inside, also, but a "moisture condensation" warning was appearing in the viewfinder.

    The advice in the manual (with which I was familiar having had a similar experience with an earlier Sony) is to open, eject the cassette and leave open for an hour or so, after which it should be usable again, but in this instance, although the cassette mechanism would rise, it would not open to eject the cassette.

    That situation continued and the camcorder was returned to the dealer for repairs, under warranty, but I have been advised that
    Sony are refusing a warranty repair, according to the dealer,
    saying that "liquid" has entered it.

    I have 16 years experience of camcorders and am careful with them. I have never previously made a claim. After the earlier Sony, I had a Panasonic for six years, with no such trouble, despite filming in very humid places.

    It would be helpful to know if others have had similar experiences and if so, with what result.
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    Several years ago, my father actually spilt a drink all over his camcorder (it was between his knees on a flight).
    Whilst this may be of no help to you here, he did claim on his household contents insurance - so it may be a 'last-resort' option if you get no joy with the warranty.

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