Sony cam for <£300 budget - What to buy?




I've recently decided to get my first camcorder and have set myself a budget of &#163;300 max.

The main use will be for family / special occasions / holidays yet at the same time i still want to get the best quality picture i can for my money. At some point i would also probably use it for filming surfing trips too, so would this effect what i go for?

I have decided to go with miniDV due to the superior quality and i will also be looking to do some editing on my PC.

I really like the Sony range of cameras and would preferably go for one of these.

1. What would you guys suggest be my best option with Sony?
2. Would you suggest going with a different make instead? If so what? Why?
3. Is there anything really important that i should be looking for? I have read that 3CCD is better than 1 but i guess for my budget i wont be able to afford that.

Thanks for helping me out.
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