Sony Bravia Z5500 Lip Sync Problem


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Hello Forum,

My Sony Bravia KDL-46Z5500 has a sound / picture synch problem when being used with an Onkyo Audio receiver.

The setup is a DreamBox 7020-S Sat receiver (SD) hooked up to the TV via scart cable. The Dreambox is also connected to the Onkyo with an optical cable.

If sound is played simultaneously through the amplifier and TV, there is a wicked echo.

While watching free to air sat newscasts, the effect is most visible. It seems the picture beats the sound. In any case things are enough out of synch that the effect is disturbing.

Our CRT was hooked up in the same configuration. If we mistakenly forgot to turn down the TV volume, there was no echo. This configuration was synched.

Any ideas how to correct this?



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this is more of a amp problem, you need to select the AV sync option in the amp menu and adjust accordingly, my Onkyo 605 is set to 80ms, if you have set your amp up with the Audyssey mike there is an option that will show you the delay between tv/amp, have a read of the manual as it was a few years ago I set mine up.



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Thanks for the quick reply. After further investigation, I can confirm that the sound from the Onkyo is quicker than the lips. Your suggestion to build in a delay in the amp may work.

I have an Onkyo TX-DS555. The manual is miserable. The only thing I have found so far is in the system parameters, speaker set up. It requests the distance from seating position to each speaker. (Audessey Mike says nothing to me. My Onkyo may be too old.)

Do you think this is where I need tweak a delay? (speaker distances)

I had two CRTs in this exact scart / optic cable configuration with no echo. Are LCD's so much slower at SD picture generation?

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Thanks for the values. Add a new audio receiver to the list of devices I need to drive this panel. :eek:

Before replacing the Onkyo, I'm going to see if I can find a plugin for the dreambox to delay the tone.

The TV is only a couple of days old and I haven't tried a DVD yet. Other sources will require a new amp of cozrse.


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