Sony Bravia Z4500 LCD - Perfect Calibration


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I need help in calibrating this LCD.
When I first hooked it with the standard settings and played a bluray movie through a PS-3 I was blown away by how good it all looked.

But I know with a little calibration (this LCD has dusins of settings), the picture can look even better.

So if anyway has a perfect setting for their Z4500 LCD for movies ex: Bluray (not gaming), please write your settings here.


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Cinema mode, back light min-2, sharpness min, colour temp warm 1 or 2 (I'd go for two personally), all noise reduction/live colour/adv contrast to off. Motionflow Min and screen size set to full pixel.


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Why do you turn the live color off?

Imo it gives the red a more "live" tone, perhaps a bit unrealistic but it looks
very neat. Also when is it good to have Mpeg and noise reduction on?
perhaps when watching SD TV?


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Here are my settings, please try it out and let me know what you think.

Lightsensor: off
Picture mode: Standard
Backlight: 6 | Contrast 87 | Brightness 55 | Colour 60 | Hue Off | colour Temp. Neutral | sharpness 21 | Noise Reduction low | Mpeg noise Red. Off | (Advanced settings) | Adv. Contrast enhancer Low | Live colour Low | Colour widespace Wide |

Motionflow : Maximum setting
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If you like the picture produced by your current settings, then you won't necessarily be pleased with what a "perfect calibration" would offer you. Your current settings will produce a hugely unnatural picture, well away from industry standards, which is what calibration, including discs like DVE, are looking to achieve.

If you like it, that's all well and good, but all the settings you get from us will be to produce a more realistic and "accurate" picture. I strongly suggest you put the settings I suggested earlier in on cinema mode (contrast 80ish, brightness and colour both 50) then find a scene from a Blu-Ray full of small details (for example, when Linguini first discovers Remy cooking in Ratatouille), pause and flick between the two and you should notice that, whilst initially seeming duller, cinema presents more detail and a more realistic and natural appearance.

If you still prefer your settings, then that's cool, after all it's your set, but stick with them and stop bugging us! ;)


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A couple of months ago bought an LG32PG600 and have been able to tweek it to a great (for a £400 TV) picture using the advanced settings menu and a set of recommended natural look calibration levels posted on that TV's owners thread.
Able to tweek individual colours intensity etc not just contrast, brightness...
Does this TV offer that sort of ability or are its picture tailoring options limited ? Or do you need service menu type codes ?
Any assistance/advice appreciated.

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