Sony Bravia UWA-BR100 dongle connection problems


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Hello can anyone help me?

I'm trying to set up my parents Sony Bravia TV to the internet using their new UWA-BR100 dongle. Currently though it can see the wireless, but the local access and internet access fails.

I've tried typing in the IP information manually but must have some of the information incorrect. I seem to have conflicting info about the IP / Subnet mask / Gateway and DNS. My laptop says one thing and the router (linksys WAG200G) says another in the control panel.

I'm presuming this is why the local access and internet access fails, but maybe its something else.

Can anyone help, I'm pulling my hair out



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You shouldn't have to type in the IP address info for the network, when connecting you should leave it set to DHCP.

On your linksys wag200G try setting the wireless mode to 802.11g or b only then try connecting again via the TV.
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