Sony Bravia KDL46EX723 vs Sony’s KDL46EX524B


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Been looking at these two TV's and can't decide which one to buy?

Sony’s KDL46EX524B £849
Sony - KDL-46EX723 £849

I do not want 3D but it seems like the only difference is that the 723 is 3D capable and its 100htz, were as the 524 is 2D and its 50htz?

Can someone shed some light? Don't seem to make sense?


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Retail prices are.

46EX524 £1099
46EX723 £1299

So basically £200 for 3D and Motionflow XR200 according to Sony UK.

Of course there are always deals available, my local sony centre has the 723 at £849 and the 524 at £799.

I'm not bothered about 3D either but Motionflow is definately worth the extra £50 or so imo.

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