Sony Bravia KDL22EX553 Playing Video over Network


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OK, so I've managed to copy DVD video to a flash drive plugged into my Router and can access it on my Sony KDL - 22EX553; however, I cannot pause or fast forward. Just play or stop.

I'm guessing there I need some sort of media player interface but cannot see anything on the Sony Entertainment Network that fits the bill.



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DLNA is a loose standard, each vendor does things a little differently, to overcome this some DLNA servers employ a profile applied to the IP of the device to ensure proper functionality.

This is what it sounds like at least, the DLNA server on your router has no profile for the Sony TV and so certain features like pause and so forth do not work, Samsung are also a known offender for doing this.

If DLNA server has it's own control panel, see if it has a profile management section. If no Sony profile your up a creek without a paddle. You will likely have to use a PC server like Serviio instead.

The only other thing I can think of is that it might be something to do with the video itself, I think the EX553 is a 2012 model so it plays H.264/MP4, H.264/M2TS, MPEG2/MPG videos only, the Sony might have issues playing those files even though it supports them.


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It sounds very much like a limitation of your router DLNA server. Also check if you can upgrade your router to firmware from the manufacture.


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Thank you both. I've been meddling in my router settings and looking at suitable software to copy DVDs as I think some of the problem may be how I've created the movie files (lack of knowledge and understanding when using software such as WinX and Handbrake...).

Thanks again. I will persist!

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