Sony Bravia KDL-V40A12U vs LG RZ37LP1D

Discussion in 'LG TVs Forum' started by zapbrannigan, Oct 27, 2005.

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    Oct 27, 2005
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    Hi I'm looking for some advise. I'm currently looking at either the Sony Bravia KDL-V40A12U and the LG RZ37LP1D. Both monitors are similarly specced (HDMI etc), with the Sony slightly larger at 40" vs 37" for the LG. The brightness and contrast ratio for the LG is 600cd and 1200:1 respectively.

    Sony do not list contrast ratio, brightness or response time for their LCD TVs. I have spoken to the helpful people at Sony UK and apparently its the policy of Sony Japan not to release these figures. This seems strange - are Sony trying to hide the fact that their LCD panels are not as good?

    If anyone does know the contrast ratio and brightness of that Sony I'd really like to know. I've taken a look at Samsung's 40" LCD specs - I've seen that the Samsung and Sony share the same panel. I guess the Sony has 8ms response, 1200:1 contrast and 500cd brightness, but I'd like to confirm this. Otherwise I have to try to find a shop that stocks both LG and Sony to make a subjective comparison.

    Does anyone here own either of these TVs? I've seen the thread raving about the Bravia, but I would like to know about the LG also. I would really like to know how they perform - both cost around the £2k mark and I don't want to make a mistake... :cool:
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    I am also looking for similar advise... I have narrowed down my LCD TV search to two models (and man that took some doing!)

    I am looking at the
    SONY Bravia S Series 1080p 40"
    LG 42" 1080p - 42LG50

    Both TV's are within 150$ of each other on sale this week...
    Any input on either of these??
    Thanks for your time! :)

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