Sony Bravia KDL-46HX820 Vertical Stripes


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I purchased the Sony Bravia KDL-46HX820 used through for $50. The reason I got it so cheap was the people selling it said it had about an 8" wide vertical striping issue. They said it started out being intermittent and usually going away after about 30 minutes of being on, figuring it had to warm up a bit. To ending up being on all the time.

After researching quite a bit, it seemed very fixable and at least worth the risk at $50. It is a 3D TV which I wanted badly. Aside from the vertical striping, this TV is outstanding in every way. The vertical stripes seem to actually be two at 4" wide each, side by side. It does not matter what source or input and they appear different colors and variations of colors each time it is turned on. The stripes appear on top of everything, not behind. From all we read and researched, it would seem each 4" stripe would coincide with an internal video cable very much as cables/ribbons inside a computer.

One of the most common problems is the cables become brittle and unglued at the edges. Tons have fixed theirs by putting a bit of rubber like substance over the edge of the cable in order to put some extra pressure on the ribbon when the back is put back on in order to make a solid connection.

The problem is, with my particular model, we cannot locate a diagram/picture of exactly where these cables/ribbons are located, as with my model they do not run up around the edge of the TV. I even have the service manual and as far as I can tell, it does not even touch upon replacing/repairing these cables since they are geared towards replacing the entire screen, etc., and don't bother with anything unless it costs big bucks to fix/replace. If this service manual shows where they are we cannot tell as it is very small, detailed and of course geared towards a professional who understands how to interpret a service manual.

I truly feel this is a very fixable, affordable problem, if only we knew how to locate these cables. We had the back of the TV off and removed a few layers of parts. The stripes instantly went away! It seemed like our problem was the opposite of every other reason out there. It seemed as soon as the pressure was off, the stripes went away...instead of needing to apply pressure to make the contact.

The back of the TV was off for several months and the picture came in perfect. Once in a while the stripes would pop up when turned on but would either disappear instantly or no longer than 30 minutes, figuring also it may have needed to warm up a bit. But with having the back off, I had to keep the TV closed up in my bedroom so my cats would not get electrocuted. I was not comfortable with the possibility that if not careful I also could get electrocuted, or with it most likely building up dust inside, even though we had heavy plastic sheeting covering it best we could. Then even if not having those concerns, it was a total drag to have to be so uncomfortable watching it in my tiny bedroom.

Finally put the back on and moved it out to my living room. Now the stripes stay on no matter what. I don't dare take the back off for fear the cats may brush against it and get zapped. If I knew of a safe way to keep the back off, I would gladly do it at this point. I also would gladly pay the price of a new part if I was sure it would work and sure which part. I've read where people have replaced the major components one by one and not have the problem fixed whatsoever. It usually came down to these cables/ribbons. I am not confident enough to remove more layers once the back is removed than already have been. As I don't even know exactly what/where these cables look like or are located and fear I would not be able to put everything back together correctly!

If ANYone can help shed some insight to being able to get rid of these stripes, I'd be SO VERY grateful! (I also would not hesitate to purchase another 3D TV, but truly cannot afford one. Not even a used one unless $150 or less.) I would not be eager to get a lesser quality picture as this is the first time I've ever had a top of the line TV and I LOVE it! And the 3D is awesome!!

Thank you all for reading and any helpful comments/suggestions provided. Thanks!!!

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