Sony Bravia KDL-40EX500 NOT working!!

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    Alright I bought this TV second hand about a year ago and it worked fine until about 15 minutes ago. I turned it off to step outside for a few minutes. When I turned it back on 10 minutes later, the screen was blank. The red LED changed to green and stayed that way but the screen was blank and without any sound. It was hooked up to my PS3 at the moment. Also after turning on, it wouldn't respond to my remote control anymore. I unplugged it to turn it off and tried turning it back again a few times but it still did not work. I googled my problem and came across this site so I am posting my problem here. I hope you guys can help a fellow out.
    Here are the symptoms:
    • When I power on the TV the LED turns green but the screen is blank without sound.
    • After that none of the buttons on the remote control work. (Except once while I was turning it back on and off the green light blinked in response to my remote but even then the power button was not working.
    • If I let it stay on after few minutes the steady green light looks like it is turning off slowly but after a split second turns back on right away. (Noticed this twice).

    I am no expert but I believe it is a firmware problem with the TV and I was wondering if there was any way to restore the TV to factory settings. I already tried holding the "Up" button and Power button combo to no avail.
    I also checked and I am not covered by warranty.

    Here is a post with similar symptoms as mine:

    Please help me out guys :(

    Ok I think I was right because after I upgraded the firmware from sony's website, it worked BUT only until I turned off the TV. Right after the upgrade was done and the TV turned on after finishing the upgrade by itself it worked. Then I turned it off a few minutes later and tried turning it back on but it showed the same symptoms again.
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