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Sony Bravia KDL-37W550 - DVD sound synchronisation problems


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Firstly, I'd like to say hello this is my first post. I'd also like to apologise in advance if this seems a painfully stupid question. I have searched the forums, but I know it's certainly not beyond my abilities to post something to which the correct answer begins "duh!"

After a lot of procrastination I finally bought myself a new TV, a Sony Bravia KDL-37W550. I miss my Panasonic CRT, but it's 350 miles away in storage and I just couldn’t stand the girlfriend's 14" portable any more. It's a peach of a TV I must say, and after a whole weekend with it I have to say I'm rather impressed. However I'm having some sound issues both with the DVD player and the TV output

The TV is linked up to my AV Amp and DVD player. Both are >5 years old so predate any HDMI connections. The Amp is a Marantz SR-5200, the DVD player a Pioneer ( I forget which model). The DVD is connected to the amp through a digital co-axial cable, the TV to the amp through a digital optical cable. The TV and DVD are connected via scart.

DVD sound problems
When I'm watching the TV, with the sound coming through the amp straight from the DVD, I get sound synchronisation problems. The picture doesn’t match the sound, sometimes it's in front, sometimes behind. As you can imagine this is rather annoying! It kind of took the sheen off of my new toy. Am I doing the wrong thing? I automatically assumed it was best to take the sound straight off the DVD player rather than go through another layer in the TV. Plus it's always been fine before when linked to the old CRT. Any ideas how I can resolve this issue? Have I set it up wrongly?

TV sound issues.
Now if I take the sound from the TV, there are no sync issues, however I'm only getting the two stereo channels out of it, and I'm missing the centre channel (Dunno about the surrounds as the two rear speakers and the sub are still in my parent's house). Watching Downfall I could get lovely background sounds, but no dialogue out of the centre channel at all.

Thanks for any help you can provide me with. I spent way too long into the early hours of Sunday morning trying to sort this out. It's a lovely TV, but if I can’t use it properly with the hi-fi then I have a real issue



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