Sony Bravia KDL-32V2500 - weird pixel-mapping issue at 1366x768 etc.


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I can't find anyone else experiencing this particular issue so I hope I'm not duplicating anyone else's thread that I've overlooked!

I've just got a Sony KDL-32V2500, and so far I'm thoroughly enjoying it - it's a great TV (my first foray into non-CRT television).

Except that I had planned to run my media server on it with a 1:1 pixel-mapping through the VGA port (not DVI/HDMI, I know that can't be done), and I'm having trouble.

I have a Matrox Parhelia graphics card, and using both Matrox Monitor Manager and PowerStrip I can happily add resolutions such as 1366x768 and 1360x768, the latter with all the refresh rate settings etc. exactly as in the manual, and the former with similar settings (it's not in the manual, presumably because they know that not all graphics cards can handle 1366 pixels horizontally).

However, when I then switch to these resolutions, the computer is definitely composing a desktop at that resolution (I am using a remote desktop manager from my PC at the moment and it is drawing the PC in a 1366x768 window). Yet the TV reports that the PC input is at 1280x768 resolution, and as such displays it with black space at either side, and the picture is slightly squashed (since the 1366 pixels have been squeezed into 1280).

Does anyone have any ideas what is causing this and what I can do about it?

The only workaround I've figured out is to enable the scaling mode where the TV stretches whatever resolution it is fed to fill the whole screen exactly: normally this would be a recipe for distortion but in this case it 'distorts' the 1280-pixel width back to its actual 1366-pixel width! (It looks a little fuzzy from the scaling though, so I'd rather get the 1:1 pixel-mapping working properly instead.)

Thanks in advance...

Edit: I just added 1368x768 and tried that and it was even worse - the TV said it was receiving 1024x768 and displayed it accordingly, squashed into the middle of the screen. Oh dear.


You've got the latest Matrox drivers installed ?
Powerstrip the custom res 1360*768 you can set different refresh rates, what are you using ?
Do you have access to another Pc to try ?


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You've got the latest Matrox drivers installed ?
Powerstrip the custom res 1360*768 you can set different refresh rates, what are you using ?
Do you have access to another Pc to try ?

Cheers - I tried another PC (with Nvidia 8800 GTS) and initially got the same results, but then I did some more searching and found the settings for another Sony TV elsewhere on this forum. For some reason the first time I applied them they still didn't work, but since then they have worked perfectly on both PCs at 1360x768 (still no 1366x768 but I can live without those six extra columns of pixels!).

For future searchers, here are the settings I ended up using:

Width 1360
Height 768
Pixel clock 85479 kHz

Refresh rate 47.7 kHz
Front porch 70
Sync 112
Back porch 250
Positive sync polarity (ticked)

Refresh rate 60 Hz
Front porch 3
Sync 6
Back porch 18
Positive sync polarity (ticked)

I get the distinct impression that one of the most important bits was setting both Horizontal and Vertical to have positive sync polarity - all the default settings for the various in Powerstrip, Matrox Monitor Manager etc had one positive and the other negative, but once they were both positive it worked. Additionally, if I set both to negative the TV was reporting 1024x768 for whatever resolution I sent, so it did seem to be a key factor in what happened.

Thanks for your help, and to whichever post I found the above settings in (I've closed it now, sorry!) :)

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