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Sony Bravia KDL-32M3000 Trailing/Faded Dark


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so my tv was working fine and noticed the tv went dark but i can still see pictures. I can mainly see green, Red, And blue and white. But the screen has gone dark. Also besides that the picture motions r still normal speed but its like every thing inmotion is trailing if that makes sense. n e idea what would cause that.I am pretty good with electronics so i am hoping i can fix and buy parts my self but a little guidance would be greatful

I read up alot on this and i looked up the backlight being burn out but i still have bright white on the TV and i can still see the pictures jus pretty faded dark and colors are off. I also reed up on this inverter bored being burned out but it the symptons r flicking or blank screen which i don't have either.....

Thank you in advance

PS tv was purchanced november 2007 from Future Shop and have never had an issus at all with it so to me its worth fixing


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n e buddy help

some on said that the audio video signal processor chip or board is messed up....... n e idea of a place to buy one of these?????


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I think you may have to take the set to a Sony specialist

Doesnt sound right for a TV thats 2 years old

Have you chacked all sources eg DVD player / Sky box do the same thing? It might be a fault with one of them?

Also make sure your connections are secure on the back and connected properly

Move any speakers that are near it out of the way - may be a long shot but some old dpeakers are not magnetically shileded and can cause interference

Hope this hlpes but I've not heard of these problems on before

Good luck


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My brother is having the same problem and I'd like to help him so I'm wondering if you ever got resolution of this problem. We had the dark screen, trails but some picture nonetheless. Upon startup the SONY had vertical bars along with it's image. I'm wondering what I need to swap out to fix it. The kid's poor and I'd like to help him get it done by Xmas. Thanks for any help you can provide.

MultiMedia Girl

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I too have a Sony Bravia that has recently produced the trailing and dark image problem. I would very much like to see the answer to this problem... Is there a recall for this issue since it appears to me a common problem.
Your assist is greatly appreciated.
MultiMedia Girl

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