SONY Bravia KDL-26S2010 - screen distortion


Simon Jackson

when credits scroll up screen or on upwards/downwards camera pans there appears to be a 'lump' in the screen which distorts the image as it travels past it. Is this normal or is there a fault with the screen. Only had it 2 weeks. Many thanks.


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where abouts on the screen? I'll check ours.


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I'll lay £1 to 1p that you are using the "Smart" mode.

This mode is explicitly for use in watching 4x3 material and it unevenly stretches (horizontally) and compresses (vertically) the 4x3 image to fit it into the 16x9 screen shape - the idea being to maintain the shape of objects in the centre of the picture at the expense of the extremities.

So your scrolling titles, in this case, will be vertically compressed at the bottom and the top, and about right in the middle.

You'll see a similar effect on horizontal scrolls/pans.


1: Live with it OR
2: Watch 4x3 material in 4x3 (black bars left and right; this is the only correct way to watch 4x3 material). The 4x3 default shape is an option in the TV menu AND
3: Ensure your external sources (DVD, Sky, whatever) are set to Widescreen/16x9 and watch all 16x9 material in "wide" (16x9) mode.

Simon Jackson

Yes you're right, it does only happen in smart mode. Many thanks for that.

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