Sony Bravia Hd Set Up???



Just had HD installed, previously I had the SMART picture set up on my Bravia TV and so if the broadcast wasnt widescreen, it would auto zoom so the picture didnt look stretched.

However, I cant get the settings right to make this happen since the new HD box has been installed. Things either look stretched or squashed depending on 16.9 or 4.3 resolution.

Can anybody shed any light on how the settings should be to get it back to how it was with Sky+.

Heres hoping.........................................


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I don't have Hd yet, but I have an upscaling dvd player connected to my Sony via HDMI.

When viewing material via HDMI, you cannot change the screen mode from 16:9 to anything else. Don't know why.

It is a problem for me if I have recorded any 4:3 material and want to watch it on the dvd upscaler. Most annoying.


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Assuming you are upscaling to 720/1080 then it probably will be treated as 16:9. You hopefully will find a setting in the DVD player itself to select aspect ratio of source material.

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