Sony Bravia A9F Audio Drop Issue While Streaming


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Hi All,

Like many other threads and posts around this site and the web at large, I’m having an audio issue with my Sony Bravia (A9F). I recently dropped cable service and went to all streaming via YoutubeTV, Netflix, Prime, Disney+, etc. Prior to this week, I mostly used the cable service which was connected via an Arris media player using HDMI. I never had any audio issues when using the TV in the manner. Occasionally, while using a streaming service, I would experience the audio drop out for a second, and then come right back. Because I seldom used streaming, I didn’t’ pay it much attention. However, now that everything I do is streaming based, I’m noticing these audio drop all of the time and it’s very annoying. The only app it doesn’t appear to occur on is Netflix; it happens on all others.

I’ve found many threads about this issue for this TV and others in the Bravia line going back for many years. I’ve tried everything suggested in all of them. I’ve disabled all of the audio processing (as well as tried virtually every combination therein), disabled Bluetooth, changed remotes, reset hundreds of times, updated firmware, etc. I even changed data services, swapped routers and increased internet speeds to 1gbps to rule out any service issues. Nothing seems to work.

My question is, has anyone ever conclusively figured out a way to solve this issue? Is there a hack or work around anyone has had success with? Or is Sony still unable to provide a solution with reliable, solid audio performance?

Current Setup:

Sony XBR-65A9F, Calibrated by ChadB, Firmware 6.4960, with TX600U Remote via Bluetooth
MartinLogan Motion Vision X Soundbar (connected via Optical) with Dynamo 700w Sub-woofer



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