Sony Bravia 65 X 9000H Bad image


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Hi I got this brand new Sony Bravia 4K which was supposed to habd awesome image quality. Here are some pictures of it. I sent it to Sony and they said this is what I should expect. Does anyone have this TV and can tell me this pixelled images are common? I think the images lack sharpness. Sony said they can send someone but think this is the usual image and I will get charged if there is nothing wrong with it. Thanks Juliane


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no something not right there send this back


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Welcome to the forum @Jugold :)

A bit of a stab in the dark but are you using wifi to connect the tv to the internet?
If yes and the signal is not very strong that could explain the compression artefacts you see.
Would you be able to try a bluray to eliminate this possible cause?


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The background to The Tomorrow War in your photos looks similar on my Panasonic OLED. It's just a low resolution image - the film itself looks fine.

The artefacts around the Supernatural text don't look great though - it looks to me like the Prime interface is being badly upscaled. Are those photos from an external streaming device or the TV's own Prime app ? If you're using an external source, then I would check the video output resolution settings.

Forgetting menus for a sec - how does actual content look ?


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I don't see any pixellation there.

The first image shows banding (aka gradiant banding or colour banding) which is generally a settings issue. You may have the TV set too bright for the surroundings. It can also be part of the source material.

I can't see what you're talking about in the second and third images.

The 4th picture looks like image compression in the source material rather than a display problem. As mentioned it could be the app choosing to deliver a lower quality image because of a slow connection or it may just be a poor quality image.

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