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Sony Bravia 46W4000 - Sony DAV-DZ260 - Sky HD - query on cable setup


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Can you help please? I am a complete novice to setting up home cinema.

I have just bought a Sony DAV-DZ260 home cinema (arrived and installed) linked to a grey market Hitachi 42" plasma (with one HDMI and no optical ports) and a Sky+ box - well sort of.

A Sky HD and Bravia 46W4000 TV are going to turn up soon to replace the Hitachi and Sky+.

Having cabled as follows

Hitachi TV - DZ260 (HDMI)
Sky+ - DZ260 (Optical)
Hitachi TV - Sky+ (SCART)

I have things up and working by trial and error and some help from this site - the sound and picture are OK (apart from the top of the picture being a bit blurred when watching TV (DVD is fine). The same SCART worked well prior to the DZ260 install.

What surprised me is that I had to use the SCART cable at all. Call me naive!!

What I would like to know is what cabling I need for the new setup. Can someone please be kind enough to tell me?:lease: ...... and being able to understand why would be nice too? :)..... and if you can shed some light on why the top 1/2 inch of the Hitachi is distorted that would be the icing on the top of the cake!!!!

Many thanks,



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The Bravia will have multiple HDMI inputs, so connect the DZ260 and Sky HD to it via HDMI. Sky HD is supplied with an HDMI cable so you shouldn't need to buy another one.

The only other connection would be the optical out form the Sky HD box to the amp so you can enjoy surround sound from that as well through your system.

Edit - Just thought I'd also ask, can you give us more info on the screen blur? When exactly are you getting this? Is this through Sky or just regular TV broadcasts? Have you tried a different scart to determine whether its your cable?
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Super - thank you for that advice.

Re the blur, it is transient and seems to come in or is most noticable when the picture changes e.g.from one scene to another. It is a dithering effect that only affects the top inch of the screen and it is right the way across from left to right. I will try another SCART cable tonight - it could have been damaged in swap, although I would have thought it unlikely.

The only service I have in the room is Sky, so I can't plug in terrestial.



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