sony bravia 40w4500 9 red blinking light


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hi there just joint this site although i forgot my old username, my problem is when i turn the tv on it goes back into standby and flashes 9 times not sure as i've checked the manual on it and 9 does not display in the engineer manual i've been digging up in google nothing. i did get someone else to check how many blinks and confirmed 9, this is a wierd case as this had redness on the screen when the picture showed. can anyone shed some light on me

kind regards


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toqeer1986 said:
can anyone shed some light on me

Yes, I'll do it, got a torch handy? Lol.
Sorry, couldn't resist.
To be serious, these flashing led codes just tell you possible causes of a fault. i.e. Overvoltage, overcurrent protection etc...the fault could lie anywhere.
You'd be best just to get it looked at by a professional Tv repairman.


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i've put the old t-con board in and it turns on but due to giving it to the last shop they took the ic off the t-con because they though it was short, i've looked at everything on the board and they are identical even the part numbers on the componants, will be checking the caps now with the esr its defo the t-con board thats giving the error as when i put the old one in it switches on and stays on but when i put the new one on it just flickers the backlight and goes into standby with 9 blinks

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